Pokémon Surprise Set: Pokémon Soy sauce Cup Noodle, Monster Ball Mascot, 2 random Pikachu Lollipops

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Pokémon Surprise Set: Pokémon Soy sauce flavor Noodle, Monster Ball Mascot, 2 random Pikachu Lollipops.

This surprise set is great as a high-valued low-cost gift for your Pokémon fan friend.
A delicious surprise set that might be too cool to be consumed:  

  1. Original Pokémon Noodle - packs Pikachu shaped Japanese surimi "Kamaboko". Includes Pikachu seal!     
  2. Monster Ball - is not edible! 
  3. Two Pikachu Lollipops (random flavor)


<Monster Ball>

  • Pokémon Center Original Monster ball mascot.
  • Size: 7x7x7 cm 18.8g
  • Material: Polyester, Nylon, Iron
  • Manufacture recommended age: >6 years
  • Made in China

<Pokémon Noodle>

How to Prepare: 1) Open lid till arrow marks and remove Pikachu seal out of the cup. 2) Fill boiling water (210ml) to indicated line (inside cup) and cover the lid. 3) Wait for 3 minutes, stir noodles then enjoy your meal!. 

  • Volume: 38g (Noodle 30g). 
  • Expiration date: indicated under the container.
  • Keep in normal room temperature and avoid direct sun light, keep away from high temperature, high humidity or strong fragrance.
  • Recommended daily usage is 1 meal per day.
  • One meal contains 316mg Calcium 45% out of needed daily amount (700mg)
  • INGREDIENTS: Fried noodles (Flour, Vegetable oil, Starch, Salt, Soy sauce, Protein hydrolyzate), Soup (Sugar, Salt, Soy Sauce, Shellfish extract, Spice, Chicken extract, Pork extract, Shrimp extract, Protein hydrolyzate), Garnish (Kamaboko, Corn, Green onions), Seasoning (Amino acid), Processed Starch, 
    Calcium carbonate, Caramel color, Salt Water, Polysaccharide thickener, 
    Acidulant, Antioxidant (Vitamine E), Gardenia dye, Squid ink dye, Vitamine B2, Monascus dye, Vitamine B1, (some components contains milk constituent). Contains: Shrimp, Flour, Milk, Squid, Soy, Chicken, Pork. This product is manufactured in facility that uses eegs.
  • Nutrition Facts 1 meal (38g)
  • Energy: 157kcal
  • Protein: 3.6g
  • Fat: 4.8g
  • Carbohydrate: 24.8g
  • Sodium: 1.1g
  • Calcium: 316mg

<Pikachu Lollipops>

  • Two out of 5 flavors are included in this surprise set. 
  • Flavors: Lemon, Grape, Orange, Melon, Peach
  • Keep in normal room temperature and avoid direct sun light, keep away from high temperature, high humidity.
  • INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Syrup, Acidulant, Essences, Food artificial coloring (Grape juice colour, Monascus dye, Red cabbage, Gardenia, Paprika pigment, Turmeric) 
  • WARNING: when candy broken, it may turns into sharp edges, check the candy carefully before eating. When giving to children, keep an eye on candy stick, Don't eat while walking or running. Keep away from kids hands. 



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