OSK Thomas the Train Bib and Picnic Lunch Box Set for Babies (4 items)

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Turn your baby’s lunch time to fun & joy. Not only fun design, but also this lunch set supports moms with creative design: the removable pocket attached to the apron catches fallen food & apron surface itself is made of water-repellent material, compact & easy-to-carry lunch box, snack box with seal to reduce wasted candies, and finally a snack case with a revolving cap & hanger to attach easily to your bag or baby car. A perfect gift idea for babies.


  • This is a bundle of 4 picnic items for babies with Thomas the Train fun design: 1 Baby Apron with pocket, 1 Baby food box & spoon, 1 Snack box &1 Snack case with hanger.
  • Turns your baby’s lunch time fun & joy, and supports moms with its creative design.
  • Size & Material: Apron: 350x220x75mm (EVA resin, Cotton & Polyethylene). Babe food Box:145x77x37mm (Polypropylene). Snack box:114x110x50 (Polypropylene). Snack case: 66x67x128mm (Polypropylene).
  • This is bundle includes a custom safety instruction.
  • Recommended age: +8 months. Made in Japan.

Type: Lunch Box

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