OSK Japanese Traditional Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Set with Giant Onigiri Box

A comfy microwave-safe Bento box set designed with the beautiful traditional Japanese design of HANATSUKI (Moon and flower) printed on a red color bag. Japanese traditional rabbit blossom bento box. To complete your Japanese meal set, we added Onigiri (rice ball) molding box to this set.
A perfect compact set to take your favorite hand-made lunch with you wherever you go.
All items are made with an easy-to-clean materials. Bento box can be washed in dish washing/drying machine. Onigiri box can be washed in dish washing machine (not drying machine) as well.
Remove lids when using in microwave.


  • Set of Bento box with two food containers, chopsticks, giant Onigiri box and printed traditional Japanese bag. Comfortable and portable for lunch time at work, picnic and on the go.
  • Compact design with S-shape partition to separate different food type easily. Dedicated place to house chopsticks perfectly without taking much space.
  • The set includes a giant Onigiri (rice ball) box, which comes with a stamper for an easier Onigiri preparation. Simply put a piece of wrapping sheet in the box, add rice and any other fillings inside, push by the stamp over the rice, close the box and you are ready to go.
  • Material information: Bento box body - polypropylene (max temp. 140 degree), Cover - AS resin (max temp. 100 degree), Chopsticks - methacrylate resin (max temp. 100 degree). Rubber belt - Rayon polyester rubber composition. Giant Onigiri box - polypropylene. This set includes a custom safety instruction.
  • Size information: Bento box - 270 x 160 mm, food container volume - 300ml and 340ml. Onigiri box - 109 x 106 x 56 mm, volume - 290ml. Quality products made in Japan.

Type: Lunch Box

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