Marine Hat for Cats (Kabutte Marine Animal Nyanko)


Give your little feline friend a makeover every day with those special Hats for Cats. Let your cat pretend to be a see creature. 

With seven different marine cat bonnets you choose from, your kitty can be a new fish every single day of the week. 


  • Suitable for cat's neck size: 26 cm
  • Available Designs: 1)Penguin (Pen-chan), 2)Seal (Azarashi-kun), 3)Crab (Kani-chan), 4)Blowfish (Midorifugu-kun), 5)Axolotl (Wooper-chan), 6)Grampus (Shachi-kun), 7)Whale shark (Jinbezame-kun)
  • Material: Polyester, PU
  • Designed in Japan, made in China


  • This product is for cats only. Do not use for other purposes.

  • Since there is a danger of accidental ingestion or accident, be sure to use and keep it within the reach of the owner's eyes.

  • Never give to children under 3 years. Manufacture recommended age: >15 years.

  • If the size of this product does not match your cat's size, there is a danger of suffocation, do not use in that case.

  • Do not tighten your cat's limbs, neck or tail using this product. There is danger that blood will not go through.

  • This product is meant for short time use only, e.g. photography session. Don't keep on your cat for long time.
  • This product is for indoor use only. Do not use outdoors.

  • Not all cats can wear it.

  • If your cat doesn't like, do not force it to wear it. It is highly recommended that you let your cat smell it and get use to it before wearing it.
  • This product is not manufactured on the premise of washing. Do not wash. Wipe lightly to clean.

  • We are not responsible for any injuries, breakage, accidents etc. that may happen by misusing this product.

Type: Cat Hat

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