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Lip Gel Magic "Lip Gel Coating"

A magical lipstick coating that keep the color of your lipstick vivid and powerful all the day. Simply apply it to your lips after your colored lipsticks!


  • Easy to use, simply apply it to your lips after applying your lipstick.
  • It is very powerful coating, your lipstick color will not fade after eating or drinking anymore.
  • Your lipstick color will not transfer again to a cup or any other material, thanks to the powerful coating.
  • Your lipstick vivid color will last for long time.
  • A soft touch and semi-transparent gel coating.
  • 1 tube (6g) can be used for 60 times.
  • No fragrance, No color coating.
  • Made in Japan


  1. Apply your normal colored lipstick to your lips first.
  2. While keeping the cap closed, shake "Lip Gel Magic" container very well to mix the liquid with the gel material.
  3. Apply one drop of to your finger, and spread it to cover your lips entirely. Make sure to cover the corners and the inner area of your lips.

    See this video to know how to use "Lip Gel Magic".


    • Trifluoropropyl Cyclopentasiloxane
    • Trifluoropropyl Cyclotetrasiloxane
    • Cross polymer (Trifluoropropyl Dimethicone Copolymer, Trifluoropropyl divinyl dimethicone)
    • Diphenylsiloxy phenyltrimethicone, Dimethylsilyl silica
    • Cross polymer: Hyaluronic acid Na, DPG, (Dimethicone, Phenyl vinyl dimethicone)
    • Squalane
    • Perfluorooctyl Triethoxysilane

    Type: Lip Coating

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