Bande Tape Sakura, Rose Stickers Set and Pilot Highlighter Frixion Light 6 Soft Colors

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Now you can create unique and colorful messages to your beloved ones using the erasable Pilot highlighter pens with the beautiful and real-like Bande washi tape stickers, Sakura and Classic Rose. To complete your beautiful art work, we added 1 message card with simple pop design. All items are made in Japan so rest assured of its high quality.


  • This is a bundle of 1 Pilot highlighter frixion light 6 soft colors set (SFL-60SL-6CS) & 2 Bande stickers roll: 1 Sakura Petals (BDA218), 1 Classic Rose (BDA223) Bande Tape with a Message Card.
  • Pilot highlighter frixion light 6 soft colors (Soft Pink, Soft Orange, Soft Yellow, Soft Green, Soft Blue, and Soft Violet). Flowers & petals stickers from Bande (Japanese washi tape brand), are delicate and soft stickers that looks like a real flowers petals.
  • Each sticker roll contains 200 (Total: 400) stickers, 12~15 different designs,1 piece size: 14x16mm, 20x20mm or 15x20mm.
  • This is bundle includes a custom safety instruction.
  • Made in Japan.

Type: PEN

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