Bande Set of 3 Masking Roll Sticker Masking Tape Sea Friends (BDA236)

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New and beautiful stickers from Bande Japan represents the charming underwater sea life. Whether you use a single piece, or pile up some pieces together, or line up some different designs together or just let your imagination goes for any creative idea, you will certainly come up with beautiful, colorful and dynamic decoration idea.

This new masking roll sticker is defining a new and distinct style in decoration and scrapbooking world.


  • CONCEPT: Underwater world of fishes and wonderful creatures stickers from Bande tape are made of washi papers, covered by high quality printing of real-like sea creatures designs.
  • FEATURES: Bande masking stickers roll is rolled up with single stickers sea creatures, that are designed with a wide range of unique designs (6~20 designs). That is a great advantage when you create underwater designs. Makes your design looks dynamic with a great sense of originality and high quality.
  • CREATIVE JOURNALING: You may use a single sticker to mark up your diary special events. You may create a colorful and vivd scenes, or create your special designs on your special letter to the one you care about. You can use it to make a deep blue sea frame for you printed photos.
  • SIZE: 2 masking sticker roll & 1 masking tape. Sea Friend big size: 98 stickers, 7 different designs, 1 piece size: 25~20 x 57~42mm. Sea Friends small size: 182 stickers, 13 different designs, 1 piece size: 15x25~20mm. Sea Bed tape: 25mm x 5m
  • Made in Japan.

Type: Masking Tape

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