Bande Flowers Stickers Set of 1 Sunflower Stickers (BDA 233) and 1 Mini Sunflower Stickers (BDA 234)

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New and beautiful floral motives. Whether you use a single piece, or pile up some pieces together, or line up some different designs together or just let your imagination goes for any creative idea, you will certainly come up with beautiful and colorful bouquet decoration. This new masking roll sticker is defining a new and distinct style in decoration world.


  • This is a bundle of 2 bande stickers roll: Sunflower (BDA 233), Mini Sunflower (BDA252) Stickers and 1 message card.
  • Flowers and petals stickers from Bande (Japanese washi tape brand), are delicate and soft stickers that looks like a real flowers petals.
  • SIZE: Sunflower: 90 stickers, 9 different designs, 1 piece size: 36~28 x 38~29mm. Mini Sunflower: 200 stickers, 12 different designs, 1 piece size: 20~16 x 22~16mm.
  • This is bundle Includes a custom safety instruction.
  • Made in Japan.

Type: Masking Tape

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