About us

ekabuki.com has been founded by a group of people who love Japan and Japanese culture to an extreme extend. One of them is very found of Japanese society high level of manners and morals. Another one is actually an "OTAKU" who is found of all kind of Japanese anime, Manga (Comics), Games...

Since we have moved to Japan early in 2011, we were fascinated by the Japanese high quality products that we found wherever we shop in Japan.

At some point, we got active on SNS sharing those lovely products we found in Japan with people from allover the world. Many of our fans who were not able to visit Japan were inquiring about a lot of those products we posted on SNS, specially that most of those products were available for sale only in Japan.

Eventually, our fans inspired us to start ekabuki.com Online Store to make those marvelous Japanese products available to all people around the world who are not able to visit Japan, and also for people who want to send gifts to their beloved ones who are fascinated in Japan, just like us!

Because we understand our fans and customers needs, we have defined our services goal to be:

  • Supply only high quality products. 
  • Affordable Prices for all people around the world.
  • Short delivery time with an affordable shipping fees.

We have started our test store in June 2016, and starting from Jan 2017 we launched the final version of our store ekabuki.com.

We are ramping up our products line up from this point on. We are also very open to hear all of your suggestion and comments. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or suggestions.

How to reach us?

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E-mail: info@ekabuki.com

You can chat with us directly through our Facebook page.

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