Sheep Hat for Cats (Kawaii kawaii Neko Hitsuji-chan)

White (Baby)
White (Horn)

Confuse the birds and the mice by dressing up your little tiger in a sheep cat bonnet to disguise. Yout kitty prey will think it is a sheep and let it approach, so your cat can hunt them down more easily. Pick from your favorite of five colors to match the color of your Kitty for that perfect camouflage. Take a picture of your Cat in a Sheep Costume to make her/him an internet star.


  • Cat neck size: 26~27 cm
  • Available colors: Black, White, Pink, White (without horns), White (with horns)
  • Material: Polyester, PU
  • Designed in Japan, made in China


  • This product is for cats only. Do not use for other purposes.

  • Since there is a danger of accidental ingestion or accident, be sure to use and keep it within the reach of the owner's eyes.

  • Never give to children under 3 years. Manufacture recommended age: >15 years.

  • If the size of this product does not match your cat's size, there is a danger of suffocation, do not use in that case.

  • Do not tighten your cat's limbs, neck or tail using this product. There is danger that blood will not go through.

  • This product is meant for short time use only, e.g. photography session. Don't keep on your cat for long time.
  • This product is for indoor use only. Do not use outdoors.

  • Not all cats can wear it.

  • If your cat doesn't like, do not force it to wear it. It is highly recommended that you let your cat smell it and get use to it before wearing it.
  • This product is not manufactured on the premise of washing. Do not wash. Wipe lightly to clean.

  • We are not responsible for any injuries, breakage, accidents etc. that may happen by misusing this product.



Type: Cat Hat

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