Hot product from Japan "Lip Gel Coating"

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A magical lipstick coating that keep the color of your lipstick vivid and powerful all the day. Simply apply it to your lips after your colored lipsticks!


  • Easy to use, simply apply it to your lips after applying your lipstick.
  • It is very powerful coating, your lipstick color will not fade after eating or drinking anymore.
  • Your lipstick color will not transfer again to a cup or any other material, thanks to the powerful coating.
  • Your lipstick vivid color will last for long time.
  • A soft touch and semi-transparent gel coating.
  • 1 tube (6g) can be used for 60 times. 
  • No fragrance, No color coating. 
  • Made in Japan

    See this video to know how to use "Lip Gel Magic".


    Go to product page.

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