Japan Travel "Underground Tips" -Vol.2- Feb/March 2017

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Japan Travel "Underground Tips" -Vol.2- Feb/March 2017 Sakura goodies

The key word of this article is: SAKURA! 

It became very common in Japan to see many of food and beverage manufacturers are competing by tons of products that feature Sakura (Cherry Blossom) flavors or colors during spring season (March~May).

If you are visiting Japan during spring season and wondering about cool things to do in Japan at this season, so, besides that you will enjoy "Hanami" (Sakura blossom picnic), you should definitely consider to grab some souvenirs with the taste of Sakura. Here we GO!

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1) Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Tea

Spring limited edition from Lipton Japan. A refreshing aroma of Sakura tea would be a very nice souvenir to your friends from Japan. Available in two versions: Sakura tea & Sakura tea + Yellow label tea.

Online sales: Started from January 20, 2017~
Offline sales: Starting from March 1, 2017~ 

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Tea

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Tea


2) "SHACK-URA" Shake + Sakura!

Although the name is very funny, this spring shake, made by "Shack Shake Burger", came out of a great idea of mixing the Sakura pinky jam♡♡ with vanilla custard, it seems that this combination ended up with a fantastic taste!
Give it a try if you will be nearby "Shack Shack Burger" in Tokyo.

They have two branches: one at Ebisu station and the other at Aoyama Icchome station. Last year they sold this limited time shack for two weeks only, but this year they are going to extend it to 1 month!! YEEAH!

Sales Period: March 1~31, 2017
Price: Small 530 Yen / Regular 700 Yen

"SHACK-URA" Shake + Sakura!


3) Sakura Drink from "Pie Face"

The Sakura list just begun, "Pie Face" at Shibuya-Tokyo, also offers a great Cherry blossom flavored drink. 

Sales Period: Feb 1st to mid-April 2017
Price: 421 Yen

Sakura Drink from "Pie Face"Sakura Drink from "Pie Face"


4) Starbucks Sakura drink

This year, Starbucks Cafe Japan offers Sakura flavors in two options:
Iced Drink: Sakura Frappuccino with Krispy Swirl
Hot Drink: Sakura Cream Latte

Sales Period: Feb 15, 2017 ~
Price: Unknown

Starbucks Sakura drink


5) Starbucks Sakura Raspberry Milk

Sakura drinks will not be only sold at Starbucks Cafes, they will be also sold at all convenience stores around Japan. With a joyful cub design, Sakura Raspberry Milk is expected to have a great taste too.

Sales Period: February 14, 2017 ~
Price: 237 Yen

Starbucks Sakura Raspberry Milk


6) Starbucks Sakura Collectibles

Starbucks Japan attacks Spring season with incredible group of products. Collectibles  of this spring will come in two versions:

Sakura Harmony Series (Starting from February 15, 2017~)

Starbucks Sakura Collectibles Sakura Harmony Series

Sakura Purity Series (Starting from March 1st, 2017~)

Starbucks Sakura Collectibles Sakura Purity Series


7) Starbucks in-store Sakura Snap!

Yes, we still in the awesome Starbucks Sakura goodies list. During this spring time you will be able take a selfie photo from your own phone with beautiful Sakura designs in the background. 

All you have to do is to read the exclusive QR code of SAKURA SNAP on your mobile phone. Sakura frame will appear then on your phone camera. You can choose between 40 different Sakura designs!

Period: February 15 ~ March 14, 2017

Starbucks in-store Sakura Snap


8) Sakura Shampoo Limited Edition from BOTANIST

The shampoo will be a mix of Cherry Blossom + Peach fragrance. Treatment will be Cherry Blossom + Strawberry fragrance. 

The exciting thing here, that there will be a hidden super limited edition made by a mix of Sakura and "A Queen of the Night" which is a rare flower that blooms only once a year. Extremely few quantity of this edition will be released in the market, you will be lucky if you found one!

Sales Period: Mid of February, 2017~

Sakura Shampoo from BOTANISTSakura Shampoo from BOTANIST 


9) I Loha's Flavored Mineral Water 

 I Loha's became a very popular mineral water in Japan since they started to present some tasty fruity flavors that changed drinking water into fun.

This time, the new Grapes flavor will be released to the market. Also, the current Lemon flavor package design will change (see photo below.)

Sales Period: February 27, 2017~
Price: 140 Yen 

I Loha's Flavored Mineral Water


10) Cat Goods Shop at MARUI Department Store

We guess that cat lovers will love this place. This shop will open for a limited time. They are offering a collection of some cute, rare and smart cat goods. Such as Hand cream with Cat's paw fragrance!! ♡

Sale Period: January 30 ~February 24, 2017
Location: MARUI Department Store @ Yurakucho Station

Cat Goods Shop at MARUI Department StoreCat Goods Shop at MARUI Department Store


11) Sailor Moon and My Melody Collaboration

An announcement about this collaboration has been released recently, however, there's no goodies released yet. Fans should be very excited waiting for these upcoming cute stuff. 

Sailor Moon and My Melody Collaboration


12) Anna Sui "L'Amour Rose" Perfume

This spring limited edition has been released on February 1st, 2017.
Price: 5,832 Yen  

Anna Sui "L'Amour Rose" PerfumeAnna Sui "L'Amour Rose" Perfume


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